Travel in Da Nang with no money

Except for eating, you may one day rampage around the famous tourist destination in Da Nang without spending a fee.
Owning a lot of beautiful tourist destinations and unique, Danang is the destination of many tourists at home and abroad. Put your foot here visitors can not ignore the activities at the famous venue without any charge as the Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda, whether you …

Up top you have – Danang viewpoint from above

Places that are difficult to ignore when one tour of Da Nang. From the top you have, visitors can watch from above Danang easiest way. With a favorable position for the city perspective, to have these beautiful pictures of panoramic location, this is not to be missed.

The path to the top you have the same experience would be great for visitors or residents phượt. Only 50,000 coins with gasoline, you can comfort excursions on offer miniature mountain pass with a moderate slope starts from the foothills of Son Tra. Luckily it along the way tourists can see wild animals like squirrels, ferrets, pythons and birds flying in the trees.

Find peaceful corner with Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung pagoda Bai But the biggest, newest and most beautiful of the three famous temples of Danang, the two remaining temples include Non Nuoc Linh Ung, and Linh Ung Bana. Tu Linh Ung pagoda Bai But the statue of Avalokitesvara This is considered the largest in Southeast Asia. And most of those who come to Danang also wanted once to visit and worship at this temple.

Soak up with Da Nang beach

Da Nang beach view from above.

American Forbes Magazine voted Khe beach – Da Nang is the 6th most attractive beaches planet wrong result. With a length of almost 60 km of coastline, Danang has many public beaches cater to residents and visitors. Do not take charge, guests can enjoy yourself all day with the sea. With its long coastline, blue water and clean sea travelers will feel safe and comfortable. Also on shore while the sports area, and this is the place for people to be able to train more health. With phượt people, this is very interesting location because of sea we can admire a beautiful sunrise and calm. Also visitors can discover for themselves the still wild waters across Son Tra Peninsula.

Sightseeing Dragon breathing fire bridge

By the evening, relax on the banks of the Han River. Dragon Bridge 7 bridge spanning the Han River were built, inaugurated in 2013 and Tran Thi Ly. With design, dragon could breathe fire on the bridge in the next two minutes and 3 minutes sprinkler that became a landmark bridge impressive, unique and fascinating tour of Danang. This activity takes place on the evening of 7th and Sunday from 9 am to about 9:30. Enjoy the great flame and is bathed from waters “jet” will certainly be very interesting. With fire and water injection projects to the beat, certainly Rong bridge also attracts many tourists.

See Han River bridge

Han River Bridge is a symbol and pride of Danang people throughout the years. The bridge was built with a unique focus, commenced on 09.02.1998 and inaugurated the occasion of the 25th anniversary of liberation of Danang Date 03.29.2000. This is the first bridge turn by engineers, Vietnam’s design, construction and the bridge remains a unique rotating in Vietnam. Staying up late waiting moments rotate the Han River, city sightseeing peaceful nocturnal habits of many people here as well as tourists. For that reason, perhaps this is a not to be missed. Every day, the bridge will come about 2 hours from about 1 hour to 3 am, the middle section of the bridge turns 90 degrees around the axis, and is situated along the flow of the river, the open line for big ships pass by. Take the tour visited the central city of Da Nang dynamic to experience the interesting travel in the beautiful city of the central strip of sun and wind.